Our Chefs

Meet Esther, Merel, Mike, Miguel, and Noel

All of our chefs share a passion for food and life long experience cooking it!

esther-in-the-garden-small.jpgEsther Zyderlaan came to Ireland in the late 1970's with the dream to create a sustainable farm where people could relax, enjoy nature and eat organic food.  She has been cooking for people from all over the world with ingredients from her organic garden since the centre was open to the first guests in 1989.  Today Esther is still cooking for small groups and loves to help in the kitchen and garden when she can.



merel-in-kitchen.jpgMerel Zyderlaan, Esther's daughter, took an interest in the kitchen after finishing school and now runs the The Three Towers Organic Kitchen.  She is responsible for weddings, parties and other special events and the organic certification for the restaurant.  She has found some great Irish suppliers that we now buy from regularly.  





 Meet and welcome MAIRA our new chef who arrived from London. She has years experience in running cafe's and catering business . We are happy she joins our team. She makes the best cakes!




All of our chefs take great care to make all our food fresh and homemade, from the farm to the table.  Find out for yourself and


















































































































































































































































visit the Three Towers Organic Kitchen for a delicious, organic meal.